For the official and complete descriptions of all positions and ESSS procedures, refer to the official ESSS documents.

Executive Positions
  • Guide the Executive Council

  • Chair all meetings and be the official spokesperson for the ESSS

  • Enforce and maintain the Constitution, Bylaws, and Policy Manual of the ESSS

  • Oversee the Class Representatives

VP Admin
  • Oversee access of the ESSS physical and digital spaces

  • Act as Secretary for all meetings

  • Maintain documentation and archival media of the ESSS

  • Maintain and oversee the ESSS’s website, email server, and social media

  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Directors of Common Room, Publications, and Website

VP External
  • Liaise with the CFES, WESST, and EGBC

  • Oversee the coordination of the Iron Ring ceremony

  • Oversee the organization of the SFU Engineering Competition

  • Form a committee of ESSS members for the purpose of selecting conference delegates

  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Directors of OpFair and Diversity

VP Finance
  • Manage the writing and approval of grants

  • Liaise with the bank that holds the ESSS’s external account

  • Prepare the budget for the fiscal year and analyze the previous year’s budget

  • Maintain financial records and accounts

  • Oversee the purchase and sale of merchandise

  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Directors of Merchandise and Sponsorship

VP Social
  • Form events committees with Representatives and Society Members when necessary for an event

  • Promote events and services offered by the ESSS

  • Organize and fill an events calendar for their upcoming term

  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Director of Spirit

VP Academic
  • Oversee the administration of ESSEF grants

  • Oversee the ESSEF Parts Library

  • Attend all Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meetings

  • Survey Members for academic concerns to be brought to Undergraduate Curriculum Committee meetings

  • Oversee the roles and responsibilities of the Director of Resource Centre

VP Internal
  • Present topics from SFSS Council meetings to the Members at Regular meetings

  • Provide representation of the ESSS to the SFSS Council

  • Liaise with Engineering Clubs

Director Positions
Director of Diversity
  • Assists VP Social and VP External

  • Serves as the primary liaison between ESSS and diversity in engineering groups

  • Being informed of on-campus centres, clubs, and services for diversity groups in order to assist students

  • Hosts events that promote or inform the student body about diversity in engineering

Director of Sponsorship
  • Assists the VP External and VP Social

  • Seeks sponsorship for social/professional events

  • Seeks long term sponsorship for ESSS

Director of Common Room
  • Assists the VP Social and VP Administration

  • Oversees maintenance and improvement of the ESSS Common Room

Director of Merchandise
  • Assists the VP Administration and VP Finance

  • Oversees the sales and inventory of all ESSS merchandise

  • Designs new merchandise for ESSS

Director of Spirit
  • Assists VP Social

  • Manages ESSS Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord

  • Creates promotional material for events, offline and online

  • Updates the Lab 1 Display Case

Director of OpFair
  • Oversees the planning of the annual OpFair, including the coordination of the planning committee and volunteers

Director of Resource Centre
  • Assists VP Academic

  • Maintains and operates the ESSS 3D Printer

  • Handles 3D printing requests and orders

  • Assists in the prototype development of student projects

  • Informs and educates the student body about 3D printing technology

Director of Publications
  • Assists VP Admin and VP Social

  • Oversees all publicity matters of the ESSS

  • Updates the ESSS display case, design printed and digital materials, and prints materials for activities

Associate Director of OpFair
  • Assists the Director of OpFair

  • Helps plan OpFair as a member of the planning committee


Director of Website
  • Adds content to the ESSS Website

  • Improves the design of the ESSS Website

  • The coolest position ; )

Class Representatives 
First Year Representatives (4)
Second Year Representatives (2)
Electronics Engineering Representative
Systems Engineering Representative
Computer Engineering Representative
Biomedical Engineering Representative
Engineering Physics Representative
  • Serve as the liaison between the Executive Council and their respective concentration

  • Serve as volunteers, organizers, announcers of events managed by the Executive Council