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Interview Prep

Have an interview coming up? Being proactive and preparing for when you do receive an interview offer? Check out some of the interview prep resources we’ve compiled that other students use for their preparation!


LeetCode has countless coding problems for you to brush up on your skills and problem solving. Choose a problem that interests you or a difficulty level you want tackle, choose your preferred language, and give it a shot! LeetCode also has solutions to problems and discussions from users on alternative methods to solve.

SFU OLC Interview Question Database has many more typical interview questions for you to practice and suggested strategies on how to answer some of them. You can choose questions based on certain skills, your discipline, or simply general questions.

InterviewStream is another site with a plethora of questions you can choose from to compile a practice interview full of questions. You can then record yourself answering the questions to look back on how you answered and improve your answers for your actual interview!

Job Interview
Informational Interview
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