Our Purpose and Mission

The Engineering Science Student Society is a Department Student Union (DSU) whose mission is to foster the academic, personal, and professional goals of our students. We strive to improve education quality in conjunction with the School of Engineering, promote engineering as a profession, develop an interest in extra-curricular activities, and encourage school spirit. We provide services and materials to help students succeed in their educational endeavours. We host a variety of events each term that help students interact with their peers, build new connections, and enhance their network.

We communicate with internal, external, and professional engineering groups, mediate with outside groups such as the SFSS, Engineering Science Administration and University Administration, communicate between graduate and undergraduate students, plan social events, and support student initiatives in the engineering community.

We are also partners with the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) and the Western Engineering Student Societies Team (WESST) and attend conferences across Canada to advocate student life and engineering accreditation for post-secondary institutions. If you have any academic inquiries, we are your ambassadors and will help you voice your concerns to the right individuals.

ESSS exists to improve the lives of SFU Engineering students during their time at SFU.