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Computer Engineering

Concentration Description


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Upper Div. Classes

  • ENSC 350 - Digital Systems Design:  Advanced topics in digital design such as advanced state machine concepts, asynchronous design, hardware description languages, bus interfacing, and DSP architecture. 

  • CMPT 300 - Operating Systems:  Topics regarding modern operating systems and the services it provides. Topics include multiprogramming, process management, memory management, and file systems.

  • ENSC 429 - Digital Signal Processing:  Topics in discrete-time signals and systems, sampling, and quantization. Quantization noise in digital filters and transforms. Random signals, the response to linear systems to random signal.

  • ENSC 450 - VLSI Systems Design: Advanced topics in CMOS technology and circuit layout rules; combinational and sequential logic; logic simulation; systems design; design for verification and testability; and embedded-processor design and application.

Key Abilities

  • Aptitude in software development

  • Interest in circuit analysis ​​

  • Curious about hardware 

Potential Careers

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Computer architecture researcher​​

  • Embedded Systems Engeer 

  • Software Engineer

  • Robotics Engineer

Potential Companies

  • Intel